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Hi all,

I've just borrowed my girlfriends' peugeot 206 1.4 petrol S reg ('98ish) 5dr car whilst I change the headgasket on my motorbike.

The airbag warning light is permenantluy flashing when I drive (has always been like this but would like to fix it to return the favour). I was wondering if anybody could help me fix this?

I've found the pretensioners on the seatbelt reel. There is a two pin connector to the unit. I've dis/reconnected a few times but this has not fixed it.

Are there wires under the carpet that I should be checking the connection on? I've read a lot about this on my forum searches but wasn't sure if there was another connection or only one.

I've pulled the shunt connectors in the fuse box a couple of times but to no avail.

The MIL is is not on and I tried to read the fault codes but my scantool wouldn't communicate with her car :(.

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