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Hi guys/girls.

I am a newbie so go easy!:p

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I was crashed into and this has resulted in my well looked after Astra Coupe 2.2 being written off!:mad:

I am on the lookout for a new motor and for the money range I am likely to get as a pay off from my insurance company I am tempted for a 307 XSI. It has similar power to my Coupe and will be cheaper in terms of insurance/tax which is a bonus as I am buying my first house at the minute (Car crash happened at the worst possible time, im constantly on the phone to different people!)

The car I have seen is:

307 Xsi
2 owners
80k Motorway miles
12 Months Mot
Just serviced
Metallic Black


I have read up about the 307 and noticed quite a few problems with them. Are they to specific models or do they cover most? I am intending taking out a year warranty to cover myself as this is only £250 per year from Warranty Wise which covers the following:

Gearbox & Transmission
Drive Chain & Running Gear
Air Conditioning
Fuel System
Electrical Systems & Instruments
Cooling & Heating
Braking System.

Advice/comments would be appreciated! :lol: :thumb:

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haven`t had a petrol one yet , both mine are diesel ,
main problems i have had are with the badly cut carpets and faulty indicators nothing major,(both easy fixes)
186k and 103k , i think they are great cars and would not hesitate to buy another , hoping for a 308sw next.
no-matter what the what make or model you buy , you can get a good car or a bad car,
good luck (£250 cover is very good):tiphat:

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Thanks for your help bettyswollocks lol!

The fact it has a FSH and is 80k motorway miles makes me feel more at ease. Its from a highly respected independent dealer too which helps!:thumb:
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