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Hello everyone! Finally joining after stalking the forums for a while!

Newbie here based in the North West trying to finally sort out my Pug 207 which has been driving me round the bend. Started out with a Pug 206 '54 (AKA: Kevin Mk1) bought in July '15 as a present to me from me for my birthday. Being a first car I looked for something cheap as chips and as such ended up with something that had nearly everything under the sun wrong with it, until I accidentally rolled it into a ditch 200+ miles from home in August '16 :eek:

Bought current Pug 207 '58 (reg in 01/2009) in September '16 (AKA: Kevin Mk2) after fanatically researching the history of it to avoid a repeat of Kev Mk1. Seems to have been a fruitless effort as something seemingly very minor (to my non-existent car knowledge) has now turned into some very expensive works with more to come by the looks of it, sooooo..... I shall see you all over on the faults section where you can laugh at me and my troubles and hopefully help me get my car fixed.

TLDR: New forum member with naughty Pug 207 :nod:

Many thanks in advance!
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