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Here we go im sure your all about to say... but i have a facelift 55 plate 307 1.6HDI and its aircon doesnt work... i had a chap who we use at work to look at recharging the aircon but he said it didnt need doing, basically his machine emptied it all out, vacuum tested it and then refilled with but he said it wasnt needed as the gas/oil levels were near correct...

But he said as far as he was aware on these models the system wont work unless the engine fan is running, and i checked and indeed it isnt... so a quick google search gave me this forum and after a good "search" button bashing session it seems he is right as lots of topics mention the fan running.

So far ive discovered mine has climate control, so doesnt appear to have a pair of relays, just a big module under the front panel with thicker cables and a multiplug, ive checked both and they are clean and ok.

Whats next to look at? Nothing clicks or anything when the aircon is activated? is there any wiring tests to do?

Any help is much appriciated?

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