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Hey everyone
New member here hoping to learn some stuff and get views.
My wifes keen on a 308 Wagon (estate I think they're called in UK) - we've looked at a few and she's keen most (currently) on a 2009 model 2.0 HDI Auto wagon (we can't afford brand new :) - it's done 70,000 odd kms.
I'm taking a look myself tomorrow but apart from a stint with a Peugeot 305 (disaster) and a Diesel 205 (bloody brilliant) many many years ago I don't know much about them now, other than my sister in law that's got a 307 wagon thats coming to end of life - hearing tails of going to the dealer to change a front headlamp bulb? Seems nuts.

Anyway, enough rambling.
Whats the general view on these...good buy second hand?
Any nasty things to look out for? Any big service costs or repair items? Anything known to fail?
Anyone know of a pug specialist in Melbourne South East that can do inspections?
Typical service costs etc

I know...alot to ask for but any information gratefully received

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