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NEWB . In the u.s with a 205 gti.PICS!

Hey guys first of all my name is Pete........ in 20 years old and i live in Miami Florida in the united states .....:thumb:

Well pretty much i have a 1989(90) not sure 205 GTI 1.9 .......
Some friend of my fathers imported it from somewhere outside the u.s i forgot exactly where,along with 3 renualts, about 6 years ago. the car has been sitting ever since it got to the u.s ....... My father and i took it apart(the head) and sent it to the maching shop and they lost all the head parts (valves/spring/retainers/etc..) so we pretty much got screwed .that was like 4 years ago..we put it away ever since.. The car sits right now with just the bottom end and tranny on ..Due to my father being in the hospital and not doing to well..I have decided to take the car out of storage and start working on it, so he can have a chance to see the car being completed b4 he passes away :( (that is his dream to see the car running) my father is a european car tech .. all the work will be done at our shop .(except the body work and paint)... First body/paint becuz the paint isnt great(factory metallic grey) then coils most likely fk's or witecs or maybe patec's.....the motor ..i was thinking maybe a 1.8t from the mk4 gti/jetta . .........when i took the car out of storage today .. i found rat dropping everywhere .. i clean what i could .I will go back to the shop tommarrow and clean some more . heres some pics i took of the car with my camera phone .... dont be too hard on my guys. it needs some work .

Let me know what you think .. Questions,comments,opinions will be taken into consideration.... i would really like to know if i have the only one in the U.S .... i hear there are some in canada?? i might be wrong! .soo let me know what you think of my 1.8t plans and suspension and everything .... thanks in advance and here are the pics .. please dont flame me for the crappy pics :D
thanks again gti/efd4d969.jpg gti/d6bf3eb9.jpg gti/555a58b6.jpg gti/a4e9479a.jpg gti/Photo56.jpg gti/ad05de1e.jpg gti/67bd2f26.jpg gti/71f7c9c8.jpg gti/ec89e139.jpg gti/7e06e347.jpg gti/56952648.jpg gti/efd4d969.jpg

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