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Hi folks,

Just thought I'd join this community as I've just got my first 207. No doubt I'll have a few questions along the way as I'm new to Peugeot ownership.

My car is the gti, it has been mapped and has a custom exhaust but is otherwise standard. It's a 2007 with 73k, has a full service history including receipts from the last 12 months for timing change and a new turbo.

First impressions are that it's great fun!

I'm getting the engine flushed and an oil change tomorrow, and new discs and pads won't be far behind (advised on last MOT). I've replaced the key batteries and tried to clean up the headlights (still a bit misted - seems a common issue?). All in all it's in good nick, the drivers seat bolster is a bit worn and the previous owner painted the calipers yellow for some odd reason, but for a 10 year old car it seems solid, no nasty noises, pulls well and straight.

Anyway initial questions I have -

  • When I first start it there is a message displayed along the lines of 'in economy mode' - what does that mean ?
  • I want to swap the air filter out - it looks to be buried right at the back of the engine and not that easy to get too - is it hard to change?



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welcome along!!

the headlights do have tendancy to go bit misty, somehow only seems to be on red gti's though lol

economy mode is basically safety measure for the battery, so it doesn't run down and go under the 12v u need to start the car, prob worth checking it with multi meter to see what voltage it is sitting at, imagine if happening all the time, will require new battery.

air filter is at the back of engine yes, been while since did a change on a standard set up engine personally, but It should just be take the jubilee off the pipe from turbo back to the air box, then 5 screws to remove, T20 I think they are, maybe T25, and then lift the cover off and you have access to the filter. there is 4 screws facing you, and a sneaky one just round the corner of the front left of the cover, its at slight angle but is accessible.

where abouts are you from? there is an active 207 community online and around the UK.
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