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Hey everyone, It's great to back on the forum, it's been a few years since I owned a Peugeot or indeed used the site :)

I just bought a Peugeot Partner combi 1.4 petrol which has been converted from new to a wheelchair accesible vehicle so that my wife can taxi her father around . It's 2007, in amazing condition and has done only 46k miles with full service history.

Got the car really cheap as it has an issue overheating, Basically it gets hot only when driven, not when idling ?
I'm told it had new water pump, heather matrix and cambelt changed.
I have not yet investigated too deeply, but there appears to be no evidence of it being a head gasket failure, In fact i'm inclined to suspect that it could be a faulty water pump even though it was new, or maybe it was just not bled properly :unsure:
I was thinking of just buying a new water pump, thermostat and temperature sensor as they are all cheap, and go from there, plus give it a full service for peace of mind.

Are there any known issues with these engines that could cause this ?

Finally how can I tell exactly the engine code, it seems there are (from what I have read) 3 different 1.4 petrol engines fitted in these cars, so I want to know the correct code to enable to order the correct parts.

Thanks all, and look forward to spending time browsing the forum again (y)
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