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I have just bought a 2004 206 1.6 XSI, and I love it :)

However I knew when I bought it that It would need a new clutch.

When using the clutch there is a loud squealing noise which I have been told is the clutch release bearing.

I have it booked in to have the clutch done and have been quoted £257. My worry is that I didn't mention the release bearing.

Will this add to the price?

Also will there be any other possible issues? For example is it likely that something else will need fixing (e.g. Flywheel) or will they be stringing me along. I know this is a difficult question to answer without seeing the car but was just wondering how much should I expect to pay for a clutch and release bearing. Is it likely they will have to change anything else and how much would I expect to pay for it?

Sorry for being difficult, this is only my 3rd car and I've only had an old 106 and a KA which I ran into the ground, I'm hoping to keep this lovely car going :) My knowledge on vehicles is slim and I'm worried I will get ripped off.

Thanks in advance,

Charlotte :)

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Due to the amount of work required getting to the clutch assembly, it's policy to replace each clutch component, rather than just the bearing.

If you just replace the bearing, sods law will dictate that you'll have to do it all again 6 months down the line.

£250 is about the going rate, just make sure they fit the whole pressure plate, friction plate and bearing for that price.

There aren't really any other bits they could snag. If in any doubt, pay for what you've asked them to do and take the car elsewhere for a second opinion.
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