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Hello world,
I just signed up to the forum so I could pick a few brains..

I bought an ex demo 308 diesel auto hatchback a few weeks ago... still only 5k on the clock..
After 10 years of driving a Jaguar it feels very odd to drive... the drive gear does not engage when you put it into gear, only when you begin to accelerate. Not good when you start on a slope , but maybe I just got used to a different way..

This morning I set off from home and found the car was not changing gear ..
I put it into drive and it moved off ok, but stayed in 1st .. the only way it would change up or down was by using the steering wheel paddles..
A couple of miles into my journey i stopped at a roundabout and when it was time to move off, the blooming thing would not go into gear at all !!
After shuffling the gear/auto stick back and forth a few times it took off, but still no automatic gear change.

After an hours stop at the shops I started her up again and everything was back to normal ... I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or recognises the symptoms.. ?

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1. It ain't an auto, it's a Mechanised Manual Transmission. It won't feel or behave like an auto, because it simply won't.

2. Assuming its set in the correct mode, it's busted. Take it back. Demonstrator is a posh way of saying either "loan car" or "sales dudes company hack", neither of which bode well for its next owner.
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