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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself on here, I'm here on behalf of my dad as he's computer illiterate and doesn't have a clue when it comes to the internet.

He put a deposit down on a 2015 Peugeot 308 1.6BlueHDI 120 Allure with just 8000 miles on it today, it's his 2nd Peugeot as he had a 307 back in 2006 which unfortunately got written off and since then he's had a 5th generation Vauxhall Astra, mk5 VW Golf and at the moment a mk6 VW Golf 1.6TDI Match which he's trading in for the 308.

He's getting rid of the Golf as after the dieselgate "fix" his fuel economy has dropped to around 36-39MPG and the car hasn't felt the same to drive so he asked me what's the most efficient car in the small family car segment and I pointed out the 308, he's relatively happy with it and enjoyed the extra power and torque over the Golf when on the test drive, however, he was put off by the small glovebox which put him off getting another Peugeot straight away after the 307 and the fact a 308 doesn't hold it's value as well as a Golf come resale time, however, I managed to persuade him to test out a 308 and to think of the (supposedly) glorious fuel economy he'll get!

Hopefully he'll have many miles of happy motoring and I myself may even join the Peugeot bandwagon as I look to change my car at the end of the year and have the 308 1.2THP GT Line on my shortlist, thanks for reading. :)
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