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New key

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Hi all, a question for the boffins, have purchased a replacement key shell from ebay for a 307cc 2005 facelift with the three button plip key and have swapped over the innards of the old key to the new shell but the new key has yet to be cut so i tried to start the car (the neighbours) inserting the old key in the ignition whilst holding the new key next to it and it turns over but wont start, now when i changed the shell of my own key 2005 pre facelift 2 button jobbie i swapped the transponder over and all was good.
So question is is the transponder for the 3 button key incorporated in the printed circuit board as i can not find one in the old shell.
Dont want to pay to get the key cut if it wont work.
So does anyone know the location of the 3 transponder on the 3 button key.

Cheers Jim
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Probably the transponder is not close enough to the antenna being separate to the old key. [as far as I know the transponder on the 3 button unit is part of the circuit board.. ]

You can swap blades also, that is what I do when replacing the plastic button bit. It is a fiddly but not difficult job. You need to remove the small roll pin securing the blade and simply swap blades.
Thanks for reply but i thought i read somewhere that u couldn't change the blade as it is molded into the plastic
Cheers Jim
Hi Will thanks very much for your input,all sorted now.
The trouble is when the blade of the key is fully open or closed you cannot see the roll pin and because you never stop it half way out you never see the pin.

So thanks again mate much appreciated.

Cheers Jim
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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