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Hi there,
Great to have place as it is this forum to exchange Peugeot experience. It is my first Peugeot and it will be the best car I ever had if...
Couple of small problems that I will live with , as short whipper on driver side , dirty black wheels using genuine brake pads, plastic cover around gear shift( manual) popping out, speedometer showing at least 6-8 km more, and loud clicking noise when I open driver’s door, are not going to be big issue as I love everything else.
My bigger problem is noise when I press clutch pedal, never experienced something similar. It is difficult to explain, it is not loud , not bearing noise , just noise of all moving parts ...In same time when I stop , it is harder than normal to shift into first gear and if car is still rolling it goes in the gear very easily. No problems with other gears. Clutch pedal was stuck half way down when relesed and needs bit of pooling to get back in position( happened 4-5 times in 4 monts. Checked with mechanics and everything was OK.
Not sure if it is "normal" for this cars. Anyone with similar experience?
PS is there any "Repair Manual " for 308
( 2009 HDi 2.0l 6 speed manual, 70.000km)
Cheers :)
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