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I do not have a Peugeot! :) I just though people on here would be interested in this new Windows app that I have written that can work with some Peugeots. :)

It reads MyPeugeot and MyCitroen data files. Currently I have tested it on a Peugeot 3008, Citroen C4GP SMEG+ system, and a C4GP ConnectNav system.

It was originally written for my Citroen C4GP however the guys over at the C4Owners have also tested it on their Peugeots too.

The download and a short tutorial may be found here : (Sorry, I've only just registered so can't post links.)

I am a Computer Science A Level teacher and will not make any monetary profit from this app. Currently it is only an alpha/prototype build and currently just displays the information recorded by the car, however I have lots of plan to improve the app eventually.
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