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Are you having problems with your E7 taxi ?
I would like to know about it.
Have you had problems with your clutch/ dual mass flywheel ?
This normaly starts as a judder between 12000 and 15000 miles and ends up
as a complete failure needing a new clutch and flywheel that they dont mind changing the first time,but the second time they try to tell you its wear and tear at a cost of £1800.
This is an ongoing problem that Peugeot need to sort out.
Every taxi driver i know on the Wirral who has a new E7 has this problem.
Now i can live with the fact that the anti roll bar bushes collapse at 4000 miles with a replacement costing £140 for the bar and bushes with fitting extra.
And the fact that the ball joints last about 20000 miles then need new wishbones costing over £100 a go.
I can even put up with the LED for hire lights wiping out my taxi pmr radio because there is no work on the set anyway.
But i am not going to payout £1800 for a new clutch and dual mass flywheel
every 15000 miles.
Peugeot Dont want to know, dont care, stone walled etc.
And Cab Direct have had our money not their problem.
So i am compiling a list of taxi driver and van drivers who are having problems.
Please get in touch giving me your name,problem and contact details etc.
Together we can fight this and win.
email [email protected]
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