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Wow! That’s an expensive estimate... if they aren’t offering any good will I’d find it difficult to justify leaving it with them.
It’s hard to know the true extent of wear or cause of a clutch failure (if it isn’t already obvious) without inspecting it which will involve removal of the gearbox and if you’ve gone that far you just aswel replace it.
i can’t comment on it being a common problem as I don’t see many 308’s where I work but it’s not something I see on this forum. If it is a common problem there may be a updated/modified clutch kit or flywheel or even a slave cylinder depending on what failed.., Peugeot should be able to tell you this.
If driven carefully a clutch can last the life of the car but there’s so many variables affecting this, however to suddenly fail without any warning would suggest a component has failed.. problem you have is that if you agree to remove the gearbox to inspect the clutch, in anticipation of some good will from the dealer if they turn around and say no you’re stuffed, if you decline the work they put it back together charge you and you take it away to be charged again to remove the gearbox or you get Peugeot to install a clutch/flywheel and pay twice the price of a local independent garage.
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