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I've had the clutch replaced after 130,000 miles largely because the dual mass flywheel was rattling and some intermittent clutch slip. The clutch plate had a bit left on it, but the forks were tired, rusty and dual mass just hanging on. The clutch plate had the original mitsubishi stamp on it and I have full dealer car history and no mention of a clutch before now. The clutch bites much lower down the pedal and it was very near the top before. Second gear is a bit smoother to engage but not perfect but not as clunky. Hopefully it will last the car now. Cost wise absolutely horrendous. I knew it was coming but still its a bit ridiculous. The sub frame has to come down etc etc and its quoted at 11/12hrs. It took longer but I paid for the quoted time. I also had the oil seals replaced as there was some signs of leaking but no evidence of it getting onto the clutch. I calculated the clutch cost 1p a mile to run. Do the maths.:eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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