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Hi all, just registered so thought I'd say hello.
Had Peugeots since I passed my test at 17 back in 1987(well the first was actually a Y reg Talbot Horizon 1.9 diesel:eek: ) They've been mainly cast offs from my Dad who's got a small Private Hire business and has been using Peugeots since he started it up 25 years ago, the exception being a 205 1.9GTI that I got when I was 21 :cool:
Anyways the 405 & 406 Diesels estates we've used have been extremely reliable, one of them (S reg)is still going strong with 780,000 plus miles on the clock, although it did have a recon engine at 400K...
The newer 407 diesels though are a totally different matter, problem after problem:( hence my joining of this forum :D
Look forward to chatting with you all.
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