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Welome to Forum Jamie and being a proud owner of 607..

Mine is a second I have and they are pure magic.. and I love it...

wrt the smell.. its strange.. as I can smell the same rubber burning smell every now and then but its not in the cabin.. I can only smell it when I get out of the car.. I have never got the answer for it so dont know..

its really a weird one.. if its bugging you too much, I would get it checked from the dealers.. yes it might cost you £60 to investigate initially.. but the result would be fruitful. as it could be a relay thats over heated and now jammed.. I know there was a product recall for injecter relay's (cold start) dunno if you have replaced it or not..

good luck mate, do let me know how you get on..

and lets us know if you have anymore questions..
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