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Hi There,

I'm Jamie and I'm here at Peugeot Aholics because I have an addiction to my new car :D

She/It/He is a Peugeot 607 2.2 HDi TD, 2001 Plate at 104K Miles.

I bought the car from a local car dealer (Not Main Dealer) and it's had a few niggles since I bought it. Down to it standing there for quite some time, as people seem to have somewhat diverse opinions when it comes to the 607.


Apart from,

Injector Seal Leaking Burnt Fumes - Sorted
Reverse Parking Sensors - Sorted
Flap System in Heater - Sorted
Exhaust joing from middle tube to back box - Currently welded, new bit arriving on monday.

Everything is perfect with the car, oh and it had been smoked in :(

So, my question is about the Odour Reducing Carbon Pollen Filter.

When I have the heat on in the car, There is a very faint musty, chalky, dusty smell. The car also used to mist up on the windscreen. So as it had been standing there, I decided to change that filter. The old one was really dark Grey, the new one was still grey obviously, but much lighter in comparison.

The smell is still there! I had previously used an 'Comma' Brand Odour bomb to to remove bacteria, mould, smells etc that may have built up in the system, and the whole car smells fresher.

That wierd smell still remains though. As an experiment I got my girlfriend to remove the filter whilst I smelt the air coming out, when the filter was removed, the smell dissapeared.

Is this my sensitive nose picking up on the charcoal/carbon smell from the filter? or is it something else?

The exhaust should be leak free and it's not that sweet, yukky fumes smell anyway.

I'll be having the car checked over from an auto electrician friend of mine, the week after next as a favour :D where we're going to go right through it to see if there is anything apparently wrong as to not have the car bite me 6months down the line.

I really want this smell issue gone as when it is, It'll be perfect!

I hope I'm warmly welcomed into the little group of 607 owners here. We're one of a kind :thumb:



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Welome to Forum Jamie and being a proud owner of 607..

Mine is a second I have and they are pure magic.. and I love it...

wrt the smell.. its strange.. as I can smell the same rubber burning smell every now and then but its not in the cabin.. I can only smell it when I get out of the car.. I have never got the answer for it so dont know..

its really a weird one.. if its bugging you too much, I would get it checked from the dealers.. yes it might cost you £60 to investigate initially.. but the result would be fruitful. as it could be a relay thats over heated and now jammed.. I know there was a product recall for injecter relay's (cold start) dunno if you have replaced it or not..

good luck mate, do let me know how you get on..

and lets us know if you have anymore questions..

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Well, I'm not too sure about anything really. I've got all the serivce history for the car and it's flawless, alot was done at main dealers and a few recent ones done at independant specialists.

I've only had the car for 5/6 weeks now so don't know anything about these regarding wierd things they do.

It's strange how the smell goes away, when you remove the carbon/pollen filter??

Also, when you own a diesel, is it normal to get wafts of fumes now and again?

For example, I was sitting in the car, it was running and I had my drivers window down and a waft of fumes could be smelt, then away it went, then again a little waft of fumes, so when I got home, I parked up next to a grass bank, and tried to mimic the situation, even gave it some revs to produce more exhaust, but nothing, no fume wafts at all came in via the window.

I think it's due to the wind and how diesel fumes have a very strong distinct smell.

Well, with regards to the heater smell, I'll have to just wait and see what my friend thinks of it. (He is an Auto-Electrician and has been a mechanic before starting his own Auto Electric business selling Diagnostic software and machines)

but we're going to give the car a full going over.
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