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I have owned this limited edition (Apparently only 200 in the UK) for 6 Months and since that time its spent more time back in the dealership Robins and Day, for over 8 recall's and by their admission that's extraordinary!

Unfortunately, Robins and Day Liverpool have been extremely poor and failing in both customer service and their aftercare, and so this has compounded my frustration.

All recalls have be stated in abbreviations such as JNR, JJV, etc and one in particular was the JJZ abbreviation which I found out was the drivers window requiring replacing, RD asked me to bring my car back at a later date as they did not have the parts, I was then informed it was no longer a recall!!!

So my 508 has been back in the dealership, more than I have driven it!

I asked RD to obtain written confirmation from Peugeot, that the car was in fact safe to be on the road... But, they have tried to deflect this issue by telling me to contact Peugeot direct, but, hey! RD I bought my car from you...

Has anyone else had issues... Deeply Concerning!!

I am on the verge of Rejecting this car! (Only 200!!)
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