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Hi all, Patrick in Ireland here. Just became a 407 owner for the first time, in fact just became a Peugeot owner for the first time. So far I'm well happy with the 407. It's a 2005 SR 1.6 diesel and got an amazing deal on it.

Seems to have a problem though. It sounds like there might be a small hole somewhere in the exhaust but I'm damned if I can locate it. I jacked it up a while ago and crept in under with the engine running. Tried to find it but didn't really make much progress. I'm fairly sure the noise is coming from somewhere close to the engine, there wasn't really any sign of noise towards the rear end. As I traced my way along the pipe towards the engine I started to hear the offending noise but eventually it became drowned out by the regular noise of the engine itself so I lost the scent.

I was thinking, could it be the exhaust manifold gasket ? On visual inspection the exhaust pipe itself looks pretty clean along its length so I was thinking maybe a manifold gasket. I didn't start stripping it down to take a look yet, thought I'd ask the question on here first before going to that trouble.

Any ideas anyone ? Again I'm not too familiar with Peugeot, I don't know if this might be a common problem with an established solution. Thanks for any light you might be able to shed.
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