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I have mentioned this before.
My 308 SW 65 reg when the DAB radio is on, the radio cuts when reverse gear is selected. Chatted with Peugeot Customer services a bit ago (they rang me after emailing them) and they agreed it wasn't right and suggested taking it to a dealer.
Did that yesterday (for a service too) and without even looking at it, service man said "they all do that sir".
He then went on to explain when you select reverse the raio is cut so that you can hear the reverse parking sensor.
Only on DAB I said, do those sensors not work with FM or music?

Then he insisted it must be the extra load on the battery when the reversing lights come on. But raise the tailgate and those lights don't come on in reverse, but DAB still cuts.
Ignition on, engine not running, parking sensors disabled, DAB radio on, select reverse gear and radio cuts. Also the little signal strength indicator goes to zero.

Can a few people indulge me and check on their vehicles? I have checked on my daughter's newer 2008 and it doesn't cut there.

When driving off after reversing the DAB also usually takes some time before finding the station again.

The other thing is, when DAB reception is lost the radio should switch automatically to FM, but this isn't happening, even though this is definitely enabled. I had both DAB and FM tuned to same station so that shouldn't have been a problem.
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