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I just got a 307cc today.

great buy, one (not very) careful lady owner, 53k on the clock, full mot, full service history.

its a 2.0HDi, whilst its got fsh theres not a single receipt so I don't know if it's had a belts service. Is it a big job? How much do people tend to pay for belts on the 136 derv?

A few slight knocks and rattles on bumpy roads from the front end suggests that the rubber bushings are brittle and aged so I was wondering if anyone has polybushed them and how well it worked out?

My boot release seems a bid on the dodgy side, sometimes it will open the boot when you press the '0', and other time I have to use the remote. Is this a common thing? What's the accepted method of fixing that?

Lastly, I only have one key. My local Peugeot Dealer want £103 inc VAT for a key supplied, and half an hours labour to code it (Is that just turning the key in the ignition and holding a button? Because I'll be damned if I'm paying someone £45 for that!) so I was wondering if there are any alternatives.

The key I got is worn and tired so I'll get a case for that for a tenner off Amazon, but for a new PCB/transponder, I expect it would be more. Seems that my key has the battery sitting on the PCB rather than in the key fob housing like I've seen others though.
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