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Hi all.

I have recently acquired a Peugeot 307 2.0 GLX automatic that isn't running right. It feels like it is missfiring on acceleration and idles lumpy. I should state that this is intermittent in fact it is a bit like buying a scratch card as to when it is going to happen.

I do regularly get an anti pollution light and occasionally (when it feels like it is missfiring) a cat converter fault message. O a couple of occasions the ESP not functioning light has come on too.

Error codes are:

If my Googling is correct then the first two relate to the missfire. Would I be right in thinking this could be spark plugs or coilpack? Or would it be something else? P1153 relates to throttle body doesn't it? It is a 53 plate car and I have read that this was a known fault. P0341 looks like it might be a lamda sensor in the CAT.

Am I along the right lines or could they all be related? They certainly started around the same time.
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