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Picked up the new car yesterday and pretty happy so far. I managed to knock off another £100, got some free mats, and a full tank of diesel as the chap had not had time to have a small scuff on the front bumper buffed out by the body shop.
On the down side, in the space of 5 days since i put a deposit on it and collected it they have managed to put a dent in the sill right below the gap between front and rear doors on the passenger side.
As soon as i noticed it i was strait back to the show room and they are now taking it back in a week to have it sorted:D
Still a pain though, and it is not too bad but on a nice shiney car it is a shame and will just mean a little bit of hassle for me to take it to them.
Hooked up my planet to check it out when i got home and NO FAULTS AT ALL which was nice and i will check it weekly for the next 3 months to take advantage of the premium warranty :)
The drive is superb though and getting 54 upwards to the gallon:D

Nice one. I bought my 207 new, almost had the salesman in tears as I hammered away at a discount. Got it so cheap I sold it a year later not quite £200 less than I paid. Result.

Only sold it cos it was turning out a bit small for me inside, but otherwise a fantastic drive.
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