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No. It's a seperate head unit, albeit a weird shape to follow the lines of the dashboard, which also means it fits only 107s (and C1s/Aygos).

It's a dreadful bit of kit, but it's easy to remove, bin and replace with a decent head unit. All you'll need is a fascia adaptor, typically £5-£10 on ebay, and, er, a head unit!

The front speakers are shyte too, but 10cm Kenwoods drop straight in and make a world of differnce for little money.

Rear speakers are absent, unless you've specifically specced them. The pug accessory rear shelf costs a bomb (ove £100 for the part alone) and isn't very good, with the speakers pointing uselessly at the roof and well placed to cath water when you open the tailgate. Fit some nice 16cm speakers in the rear side panels adjacent to the seats and run the wiring through to the head unit, where you'll need to fit a 4 way ISO speaker connector. Easy job with big results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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