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I bought my partner 2 months ago. When starting the engine, warnings were always activated. the seller told me it had been the same for quite a while.
Later, approximatively a month ago, the car would not start. The engine would not crank. The battery was old so I changed the battery. It worked for a while but the same issue occurred again. The battery voltage was OK so I have changed the starter.
The starter works, the engine cranks when turning the keys but that's it. The engine does not start. Nothing. immobilizer issues?
I have also checked the fuse and can see that the fuse F32 (immobilizer, ECU)
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The fuse was burned out.
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When checking the resistance at the fuse (green), it shows that there is a short circuit (0 ohms).

Would the engine start (immobilizer) even if the fuse F32 is burned out?
Is there any diagram I could use to check what cables / connections are connected to the fuse F32 ?
Is the issue somewhere else with the immobilizer (since I had disconnected the battery for a while to change the starter)?
Any suggestions where I should start investigating would be very appreciated


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