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Good day.

1st of i am a huge fan, but when it comes to electronics i am a total idiot, so please use lamens terms in responding.

i have a 307 (vin 83715660), it is a 16hdi, the engine broke so after many considerations i put in a 2l hdi engine and gearbox (10DYLK). in this process the original computer box got stolen.

now i struggle to find a computer box that is compatible, or someone to install one that is workable, as the computers i do find do not fit the plugs, only the engine harness plugs fit and not the 3rd plug that comes from the ignition.
The car is with a auto electrician, so if rewiring is needed he can do it, or suggestions regarding a code on a computer box that is compatible, etc.

Thanking you all in advance for your responses.

i am willing to move the car to someone who can do this, but am struggling to find someone capable to do it in Gauteng.
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