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Hi - first time here but couldn't get any help from any peugeot garage near us.

We've got a 206 allure convertible, 6 years old.

In the boot towards the top (where the boot hinges) there is a chunky plastic 'block' running roughly 2/3 the width of the boot, which the sunroof clicks into when it retracts. I can't post links here but if you google "peugeot 206 convertible boot" and look at the image results you can see what I mean - it's a plastic bar that sits in the recess area above the screen you pull over the boot, with a bolt holding it in at either end.

Firstly, does anyone know what this bit is called/referred to as?

What happened was that a week ago we went to put the roof down and heard a crunching noise - the roof hadn't quite retracted properly. This was because one of the bolts holding this plastic bar in had fallen out, so the plastic bar had fallen down and jammed the roof at it retracted.

The roof mechanism isn't broken I don't think, but we had to get the RAC out as we couldn't get the roof back up: in the end he depressurised the roof mechanism and pushed the roof up manually.

The car's drivable, but the boot isn't clamped close tightly and the alarm sounds while driving, so we've been trying to take it into a garage but they won't advise us how much this part is going to cost, nor can they order it in advance (even if we pay). We obviously don't want to be paying for a courtesy car while they order parts in, so my other questions are:

- How much does that part cost to replace?
- How much should it cost them to repressurise the sunroof and 'reset the computer' (which is what I was told they would need to do)?

Just trying to work out how much pain this is going to cost us. It's a plastic bar - but I'll sure they'll work out a way of making it cost lots...
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