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Not sure whether this the appropriate place for this thread but here goes

We've just purchased a 2nd hand 308 Estate (2010 registration) and along with a few things that were not checked by the dealer (but were fortunately covered by the warranty), the SD card for the WIP Nav system was missing

We have subsequently received a new SD card from Peugeot for

Europe/Maroc Edition 2011/2012
MyWay/ WIP Nav (RNEG)

However we don't seem to be able to activate it and are going round in circles trying to set up an account and then link it to the car/product

I assumed it would be case of inserting the SD card and typing in the relevant activation code but we've been unable to ascertain the Product Serial Number which doesn't seem to have come with the SD card or is this a case of having to obtain the original product number for when the car was first purchased and the software first installed by the original owner

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious but if someone could point or shove me in the right direction, that would be great
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