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In the past week my car developed a nasty high-pitched whistle when being driven at above 30 mph. It seemed to be coming from around the door or the A pillar and was driving me absolutely crackers. It was far worse than any whistle that I have ever had before, even with a roof rack full of ladders.

Initially I put it down to cross winds and the gales we have had in the last couple of days, but then the wind stopped............. and the whistle didn't. I couldn't see anything obviously wrong. Having time on my hands I tried all sorts of things to try and track it down, such as sealing some panel gaps around the drivers door and bonnet with fablon or neoprene. I even went so far as to block the holes in the roof rack mounts with blu-tack. All to no avail. :nono: :(

Today, just before I was about to ring the dealer, I found the source, something so simple that it is likely to affect other owners at some point, hence why I am posting it up on the forum.

Seemingly a family member while sitting in the passenger seat had 'helpfully' pressed the recirculation button on the climate control. I switched it off today without really thinking and suddenly the whistle stopped within a couple of seconds. I Pressed it again and it returned.....much worse.

It would appear that the heater system recirculation flap that blocks the flow of fresh air into the car is causing the truly dreadful whistle when it is shut.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :bang: :cursing:

More investigation is needed...........
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