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Hi All,

Invitation to all to have a look at my photo's in the Photo Gallery taken during the trip. (Why only 15 photo's?)

Eventually covered just under 6, 000km at a average fuel consumption of 8.13l/100km. (This includes about 400km of in town driving)

Learned that if the computer say that you only have 35km left to travel on the petrol in the tank. it is very serious about it. We ran out of petrol because I second guessed the computer. So, 1 for the car and its electronics.

Rest of the trip went like a dream. The engine warning/management light came on once, but disappeared just as quick.

Had hugh fun with the temperature readout. Driving thru the desert in the early morning, it will register 3C and dutifully then warn us "TO BE AWARE OF ICE ON THE ROAD" in the desert!!! (Must be the European spec standard)

All I can say is, awesome car, awesome times, awesome company, and will do it again anytime!!!

Gerhard :D
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