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Hi and welcome to the forums.

It may not be fast and sporty (yet), but you can make the best of what it is, and gain those valuable no-claims years.
You really should shop around for insurance, - and strip off all the unecessary stuff they add on. Opt to pay the maximum excess, and the lowest value they will let you have. - Watch out on this one though, there is a lower limit - but they won't want to tell you this. just alter the value it's insured for untill it starts to affect the premium - and stick to the minumum - it's unlikely you will write the car of completely.

I had a 1.1 beige fiesta ( yes I know :eek: ) for my first 3 years - and still managed to shove the foglight into the boot when I reversed on gravel - into a rock, so just consider your first car as a disposable learning machine.

Most important mods you could probably do is just plain maintenance - keep the strut tops oiled and stop the rot in the sills and around the back end with a waxoyl/ oil mix. Keep up with anything that falls off along the way - brakes, coolant, oilseals, and you should be able to sell it without loosing too much cash on it.

You could still put a decent sound system in it, and paint is cheap.
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