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Hello everybody. As you can see,I am new member off forum-group,so I don't speak/write good english.
I translate everything,so don't object me if I say something wrong or make some mistake.
I have to mention that posts from this forum halped me a lot till now,and thank you for that.

My problem with RT6 is next . . .

After instalation of new system - after updateing of new firmware appear next problems:

1) Camera is not good and clear as she was before and lines that helped with parking have disappeared.
Colors are little odd. For example: In the parking beside me is red car = but on the camera it showes it green. So,camera is less clear,like it is worse quality and there are no lines that help me while parking in reverse.

2) CD PLAYERS-BUTTONS: Some of the buttons from CD player do not work right. Buttons as buttons work,but they don't have the right functiones. When I press some of the buttons they don't do what they are supose to do but some other function.


Radio is ON but on little display (little display at steering wheel) where are all informations,it says that radio is OFF. Also,there are no messages-informations about MAPS - navigations. There are no informations about streets,place where I am the moment. Before,there were written what is on the radio and also in which street,place am I.

100% all of this worked correctly till few days ago when I have updated firmware.
It would mean a lot to me if you can help,I would be very grateful if someone could help me.
I owe you. Thank you in advance. Best regards :)

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Are you sure you used right firmware. If so it sounds like it's lost its configuration. You could try using miracle to switch on missing features like parking sensors etc however it may be you have jumped too many versions on the firmware and need a new configuration file from a dealer

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