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Having owned a few Pugs before (this is number 15), and having a niece that is starting her driving lessons and would need a car after she passed, it was up to me to go out and get the ball rolling on this one.

I had been on the lookout for a 207 1.4 16v (or a 1.4 VTi) for a while, and even though the odd nice 207 GTI (non cat C/D or lacking service history/badly modded ones) looked very tempting, its not really the sort of car that a 17 year old could get away with driving and having to pay non silly amounts of cash for the insurance.

Having already looked at the insurance for her (no doubt I will have to pay the first years.... good old uncle for ya) the 207 was actually a cheap first car for her to insure and run (I will come back to that one later).

I had seen quite a few older cars (56/07/57) plater's and even the odd 08 plate that were coming up for a sub 2k price with supposedly good history and in good condition on the usual sites like Ebay and Autotrader.
Having looked at some of the MOT's on line and seeing lists of advisories that had not been rectified, I decided to give most of those a miss....

For those who don't know what that is, follow the link and put the reg in

So apart from buying a 2nd hand car in a mine field of sheds, I had seen one that was near to me about 5-6 months back with full service history and was a rare edition.
The down side is that they wanted a little more than 2k for it, but not to worry, I could barter this one down but was working away so it would be a week before I could see it.
So before going to check it, I looked for the ad again and the price had gone UP!! from 2300-2600.... ok I shall give that one a miss then

So time went on and I had looked at a few on line, checked them out and discarded them as not being good enough or having far too many issues to fix for the price that they wanted for them.
Then like buses you get a couple come along at the same time, including the Cielo that I had originally seen several months before, except the price had dropped to £2095, hmmm... or an orange one.... hmmm, either way, both looked good but the orange one was a lower spec and slightly older (but with less miles).
So I gave it another few days and checked again whilst counting my money to ensure I could afford either one, and guess what?! The Cielo had dropped in price again, now at £1795 for this 09 plate 61k miles fsh car :eek:

Ok, there has to be a catch?
Well yes and no, on going to see the car, she was in good condition for an 8 year old car, some minor blemishes and some very minor scratches on the paint work, interior was good, tyres were meh, cheap enduro things with lowish tread (about 3-4mm), the front brakes had a bit of a lip on them so would need changing in the nearish future, there was a wheel arch liner missing, there is some trim missing from around the exterior front screen, only 1 key and the book pack was missing (but the service book and the receipts for some services were available).
I did all the usual checks, oil (which was fresh as denoted by the service she had in January and no white gunk under the cap, (will come back to that later), no chain rattle, coolant was ok, exhaust wasn't blowing etc, injector solenoids were a little loud but nothing to worry about, all the electrics worked, even the cruise control, and none of the doors creaked or dropped when opening them (and they all opened fine, inside and out)
There was a nice Michelin Spare wheel, the usual jack, even the locking wheel nut was there, so was this car worth a punt?

Test drive time!

I took her round the block a few times (he just gave me the key and said go for a drive), and everything seemed to work fine, she felt a little sluggish but I was putting this down to the fuel that had been sitting in the fuel tank for some time, and the fact that even when people service a car (even with fsh), most will skimp on something to save cash.
The test drive went well, the car braked well, didn't pull, no clunks on turning, no nasty bangs or rattles and all the lights worked too.
Now I wasn't going to argue with the price, I got the car for £1795 with a warranty direct 3 month warranty, I could have had the car for £1700 without but hey, its a very good price for a special edition car that's in decent condition and only 8 years old, so that's what I paid, deal done and I pick the car up in 2 days from seeing her.

In between that time, I had to arrange insurance (wow, a murderous £245 quid fully comp protected), £150 road tax, again another killer, and sort out a (major) service, new brake discs and pads, coolant change, brake fluid change, wheel alignment and new (good quality) tyres.

Picked her up 2 days later, drove back, still a little sluggish so a bottle of red ex was added to the full tank of fuel, I really think the fuel did the best job as she picked up a little, but still sluggish.

Her first run out was the day I got her, off to my mates, a nice 20ish mile motorway trip each way for a night out, she did ok, still sluggish but not really enough time for the redex to kick in and do its job with cleaning those injectors.
The day after getting back I presented the car to my Niece and she was well happy to say the least, but I had noticed some white gunk under the oil cap, this I put down to condensation as she had not had a good run out, and to be honest I would only be worried if it keeps on happening.
Cleaned that up and no problems again.

Next on the list was some tyres, 4 brand new Dunlop Blue Response found their way onto the 207, what a change that made over the enduro nasty things they replaced.

Now today was actually the big day, service at the dealer day.
She was in for a major service, plugs, oil, filter, cabin filter, also coolant, brake fluid, brake discs and pads on the front and a new arch liner.
I can happily say that having had all that done (including a wheel alignment), that she now drives like a dream, much more responsive, feels like a new car and they washed and vacuumed her out which saved me a job.
A couple of things were picked up by the dealer though....
Aircon as an advisory as they had no history of when it was regassed, not a problem as it seems ok for now.
Loose gator on the CV joint, re attached with clip.
Oh, that's it :D :thumb:

There were also some minor bits that I did, replaced the wipers (front and rear) with some nice Bosch items on the front and a Halfrauds one on the rear, some leather and interior wipes (they cleaned up the steering wheel very nicely as you could hardly see the holes in the leather on the rhs, now exactly the same as the lhs)
Cleaned the oval tail pipe up a little, now no longer a black and rusty exhaust but somewhat more silvery and shiny.
Added an air freshner
Went on ebay, got a bookpack for a 207.
Also from eaby, picked up a couple of keys as the keypad on the one I had was worn through, best 5 quid ive ever spent, Peugeot could only replace the full key for an amazing price of £178, which is nice but I only wanted the rubber part for the buttons....

I still have a couple of things I want to do, one of them is to get the clay bar out and go over the panels as they are horrid, rough as a badgers backside, and the gearbox oil could do with changing as its a little still when cold but ok when warmed up, no crunches, just a little stiff.
And I will need a new key cut and coded... not looking forward to that.

I am now happy with my nieces new motor, its running very well, its clean, smells nice, stops nice, handles nice, works well, just the odd job to do that wont kill anyone, and just needs a good run out (that's on the books :nod: )

Car buying can be a minefield if you let it be, do checks and have a full service after buying and you should be ok, but even cars with FSH (only the first 3 stamps were a Peugeot dealer and after that was a normal garage) does not mean its going to have everything changed so budget for it.
I also took out a service plan at the Dealers, its going to rob me of £11 per month, I may not be able to afford that one lol.
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