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My car loves to stall in 1st (moving off and downshifting)

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So I've got an annoying issue, it's not the end of the world, but I'm curious about it. My car's a 207 diesel 1.4.

Moving off - when it's in 1st gear, if I don't have the revs up to about 1.5k-2k, as I lift the clutch to the bite it feels like the car's going to stall (and usually does).

If I come up to a junction or something and slow right down to 3-10mph, then change to 1st and lift the clutch to the bite, the car sort of pulls back as if it's about to stall. This happens even if I've set the throttle. It almost feels like it's stalled unless I slam the throttle on to keep it going just in time to avoid it.

I'm a new driver so not sure if this is a totally normal thing, but it genuinely feels like it's trying to stall whenever it's in 1st.

Clutch hasn't been done in a while but it's not slipping in any other gear.
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Fun update: I did an oil/filter and air filter change and I can pull away with no gas at all now. Doesn't even struggle if it's on flat ground. Got a bit carried away and stalled it on an incline without gas though lol

The old oil was disgusting, hadn't been changed in about 40k (since 2016). A few little metal particles in it but nothing major. The car doesn't even hold back in any gear anymore, it just goes. It's nippy as it should be, as long as I stay in the powerband between 2k-3.5k RPM.

And the clutch is fine - I suspected it was slipping but I've beat on it so hard up to now - I'm being a bit more careful now - and it hasn't slipped once. Third gear is crunchy but I think that's synchros.

I do have a little rattle but I think it's engine mounts so I'm not fussed. Love this car.
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