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So this will be my first post on here as I've just joined. I'm loving the community and am glued to this forum right now, so I thought I may aswell contribute towards the forum by sharing a photo of my iPad Mini dash that I built.

Took me quite some time but it came out a lot better than I thought it would, really happy with the result for a first attempt having never done panel fabrication before.

I've been advised that it'll be a good idea to write up how I did it. Luckily I took some photos while I built this dash so here we go.

Apparently you can only put a link to 4 photos, so I'll put a before, during anf after and then a link to the album.

First off I was inspired by the SoundmanCA dash installs but didn't wanna splash out and spend that much for a dash. So I chose to do it myself.

The first thing I did was hit my local scrappy and pick up a fresh dash piece for the 307.

Anyone familiar with the 307 would know that there are two parts to it, which complicated things when I tried to position the ipad.

I picked up an iPad Mini 3 model to work with as I didn't want to be scratching at my real iPad, I used the fake one to measure up and cut the dash trying to get the iPad to sit nice and flat.

The next step was to create a mould for the ipad to sit in, and dock. My first attempt was to do it the same way as Soundman, but although the mould came out okay, it was not easy to work with at all.

So I moved onto something more cleaner, I had the iPad mount vacuum moulded at work. The material that I used was quite thick so I had to go cutting again, eventually it fit enough to work with and I temporarily glued it down so I can test fit it in the car with the cable, the cable itself was extracted from a £1 dock from poundland so it didn't protrude as much.

Anyway once everything was test fitted, I used body filler to smooth things out and filler primer to fill in the gaps. I didn't get any photos of this because I'm daft, but I sanded everything down to about 1200 grit and put a layer of primer on top.

So that was the dash almost finished, I then went out and bought a new headunit with bluetooth which now sits under the steering wheel. Alpine UTE-72BT.

Finished the dash off by spraying it black and clear coating it.

Once everything was dry I wired up the dash and set the audio up. Just some finished images of it, I'll add more when I get home to the car.

Album link - iPad Dash - Album on Imgur
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