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mp3 ipod input, 307

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Does any one know if there is a way round getting a auxiliary input cable (Peugeot adapter for mp3) to work with an accessory hands free kit?

I had this adapter fitted at Peugeot but there was no sound even when the ipod was on full and the car stereo was on full. I have had this taken out now as I have been informed this cable is not compatible with an accessory hands free kit.
I need this cable back in as I want to hardwire my Harman kardon!


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In my peugeot I had the input jack fitted and positioned in the centre consel near the cup holers, my mobile sits in next to the input. I purchased a handsfree/earphones with integrated microphone, instead of plugging in the ear phones the cars input pugs in and problem solved, handsfree driving- to make it seem like a fully integrated bluetooth system I set the phone to car mode and voice dialling and voice answering it enabled. :birthday: :wave: :letsprty: :jedi:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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