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Hi Folks,

While browsing around, I found the following images on a Spanish modders / ICE company's site: (See this for some more, second and third row up from the bottom: Peugeot ::: Sonauto).

Definitely looks very interesting to me, since the cubby hole under the MFD that I have is completely useless. I wanted to see if I could replace just the cubby-hole with a Single DIN cup-holder from a 1992 Ford Taurus (, but that would require a lot of work I thought. When I saw the above relocation of the RD4 to the ashtray section, I thought that was perfect.

So, today I took the RD4, MFD, Heating Controls & Ashtray out (in that order) to have a look behind them. Strangely enough, there really isn't too much space behind the ashtray. Certainly not enough to accomodate the full length of the RD4 anyway. Not even close (see attachments; particularly photo2.jpg)!

Does anyone have any ideas or insight into how I might go about fitting the RD4 into that Ashtray section? I tried contacting the address on that but didn't get any response, unfortunately. Any ideas at all would be welcomed - thanks in advance!


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