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My first post, altho' I have been scanning the forums incognito quite a while.......all due to a sudden stiff gearchange on the better half's 207.
I added this post to an OLD thread about the problem - heard nothing and assume it got lost.

The good news - it wasn't the oil grade. I tracked some 75W80 down (not as easy as it sounds here on the tip of Africa).
The bad news-the new oil didn't help. So scratch about 100 posts and blog entries :)-(.

A member -Jimmy - posted a pic which I tried to but couldn't include. It shows a gearbox with a white plastic shift linkage

Jimmy's pic identifies one of the real culprits. Those little white plastic "dogbone" shafts or linkages (there are 3 of them in total), one shown in the picture get VERY tight, and loosen up as the engine compartment heats up.

I found on removing the airbox that they were almost impossible to move manually - almost seized solid. Some grease worked in as far as possible under the edges eased matters and gear-changes enormously.

Now the question. I really would like to remove them and do a proper clean and lube. How does one get them off? It's an important question as our local Peugeot agent doesn't even have these items on the parts fiche. I don't relish the thought of buying a gearbox due to breaking a plastic linkage.
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