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Our 807 2.2 HDi has just past 200,000 miles, it came with a FSH and forgetting cambelts, water pumps and filters the only replacement parts the engine has needed are a c'shaft pulley, starter, HP pump, cam sensor and swirl flap diaphragm, everything else is original including the VVT turbo and injectors. Still doesn't use any oil or water and has plenty of grunt.
The one thing that has helped is its oil has been changed at intervals not exceeding 10K, its first owner was a taxi driver and was serviced monthly and oil was changed every 6K. My take on the issue is that it is best to change your engine oil at least every 12K if you have any long term interest in it.
I know 807's have a poor (undeserved in my view) reputation but they are far better than the equivalent Espace and taking the mileage into account it has been by far the most reliable car we have owned, even the remote sliding doors work still work perfectly.


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