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Now when I have sorted out the BSM-problems, I have these fault codes left to sort out, some of them seems to be CAN-related.
The TPMS system DSG-Box gives fault code U1108, no comunication with Engine ECU.
Airbag system SAC-AUTOLIV-box Gives F00A "Error in CAN-networ"k.
Parking assistance AAS-Box gives F00A "Error in CAN-network"
The MFD EMF_C Gives F8F0 "No Communication with Handsfree module" (there is no handsfree module present, and it is coded as not present)

When I go into the MFD, there is two different, both Type C, one as dot matrix the second as colour dot matrix, in the car, there is the standard yellow with black text.
What do I select.
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