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Trying to stop the works 307 SW 1.6HDI from misfiring at 1,500 rpm, and on PP2000 one of the injectors was showing that it was anomalous compared to the others (although no fault codes were showing).

In addition to the misfire at 1,500 rpm, it's idling and running rough, with excess fumes and sooty smoke.

Take the injectors off and no's 1 & 3 were caked in oil - number 3 was thick with carbon, and the injector support bracket was melted to the engine (modelled superbly by a colleague in the attached image). It's copper seal has either vanished into the engine somewhere or hasn't been fitted, as it's nowhere to be seen, which probably accounts for a some of the crap on the injector.

Injector no. 2 had oil around the tip, and no. 4 was a bit rusty.

Are we looking at a new rocker gasket?


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