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mirrors again

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there must be somebody with a bit of knowledge on my last posted problem,if this was my hubbys site the seat clubthere would be at least 10 answers by now, what kind of club is this is it worth staying here
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:thumb: [QUOTEhi there my first post , and my first peugeot 307 2003, , my electric mirrors wont adjust and i was told it was the fuse but what fuse and where is it please help my hubby out on my carthanks][/QUOTE]

Sorry never saw your post appear in the current list files!!.

The fuse is in the glove compartment, open the glove compartment and unscrew the plastic flat screw until the draw drops out. It's hard to say the exact fuse as, but the french list it as a mr.

The only issue I have with the advice I'm giving you is that your vehicle may not be multiplexed so the setup could be different.

If it's the pre upgrade then the fuse will undoubtedly be in the glove compartment, if not then try the engine bay, look for a 10am blade fuse more than likely linked to the electric windows!!!
thanks for your advice, do you think it may be related to the electric windows, even if they work, what i mean is could it be the switch instead of fuse if that fuse works something else,
More than likely a fuse. But if your hubby's site iss soo good, maybe you should just buy a seat.
Is it both mirrors or just one that doesn't work. Try both, if one works and the other doesn't then try manually adjusting the mirror with the switch active to force the motor to operate!

Also a stupid comment, but is the three stage switch, positioned to the left or right when you attempt to operate the mirrors. Peugeot France tell me that the mirrors hardly ever cease, unless the car has been involved in an accident and the wiring loom has been altered?:nod:
christo his motor is to powerful it puts the wind up me , but why would i buy another car , if only you guys would wake up this site would be better look at the small amount of replies to every post and that tells you something.

johnc thanks for your replies, yes the switch will have been tried in both positions and i have tried pushing the glass, saw some mechanic today from citreon he says that the 307 is infamous for the switch to go on them, hubby said that there is 12v and 6.5volts live going into switch so it may verywell be the switch.will book it in

Undo the switch to reveal the internal pcb, disconnect first and clean the slide copper line, it should or woould be tarnished green or black. Clean the slider but make sure you do not remove any of the springs
thanks johnc donr that already, the switch does not have springs it appears to have a plastic pad under the buttons the type you find in the mobile phones, anyway its booked to the stealers , they said the car is still under warranty so thats a load off my mind thanks
A seat puts the wind up ya? you should wind the window up...
Hi Christo
Jackster Here Mate , Sense Of Humour She Lost That The Day She Married Me , The Cars Fine As Its Going To Stealers Under Warranty So I Dont Know Why Shes Getting Up Tight About It, Maybe Its The Laid Back Aproach Ive Adopted. Hehe
electric mirror fault

Hi, i saw you had an electric mirror fault and had it booked in with a main dealer, just wondered if you got to the bottom of the problem and if so what did they find as i have the same problem myself.
could you please let me know as i am starting to rip my hair out.

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