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This is a project that I developed and executed in my car, seeking to increase functionality and maintaining and improving the look.
In place of the old on-board computer, I adapted a 4g tablet with GPS. This way the car has its own internet, being able to access, waze, google maps, youtube, netflix, amazon music and all other applications for android.
In addition to having a phone, the car can also function as a wifi router for the occupants.
Looking for a screen and quality GPS, 4g and adequate size, I found a Samsung tablet that met the needs of the project.

I'm really enjoying the result, I hope you like it!

Obs .: The audio of the video is in Portuguese, my language, but the subtitles can be set in your language.

Installed Android Multmidia.jpg

Glass cut lines.jpg Motherboard with external button.jpg T280.jpg
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