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Everyone, I have a Peugeot 308 Turbo 2009 just put a bigger intercooler in it and a down pipe, also put two catch cans on the system and a high flow air filter.

fixed all oil leaks and everything is running great except this one little problem that I haven't nailed yet.

The car goes to stall or hesitate on pedal pushed down every time and now even in higher revs.

So first I through it as fuel so I got a new high flow fuel pump, nope not to that at the same time got a new vacuum pump.

Now I am thinking its the MAP sensors or the throttle body, got anythings throughs on what this could be

Also cleans intakes as well so there perfectly cleaned, and have changed VTT and tensioner so no timing problems.

I will link a image below to if something can tell if whats going on here has this doesn't look right at all one bit, its the manifold pressure and reference manifold pressure.

its all over the place and makes me come to the conclusion it could be the MAP sensor?

Any thoughts?

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