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Hi all,
I so had to share my CHIK-FIX and I must say I’m pretty impressed with myself but I’m sure this has been done before and I never got the memo.

I’m a Peugeot 206CC owner, lover and doing it yourself kind of chick anyway, jumped in car one morning to got to shops and my gearbox felt like a mixing bowl and spoon. It wasn’t like that when parked the night before and not having a clue what the issue was I referred to my trusty mechanics manual to find it was possibly a gear selector broken.

I knew I couldn’t get under car let alone jack it up in its current home position so I was forced to call mechanic.

He arrived and was there totally of 10 minutes. We pushed car onto driveway and he jacked car up and jumped under and got up and said. Yep it’s your gear selector. He put it back on and said it’s stuffed but should last a few days till he could get part in, but take it easy. I asked how much and he said between $800-900. I shat myself and said hold off ordering it.

Seemed easy enough to swop over if I could get part for half that or worse case I pay another $120 and have him do it but I wasn’t rushing into spending that on it. Anyway jumped in car and as I drove onto the stress I lost my gears again.

Me and my mate jumped online and got a set for less then $100 but I had too wait for them to arrive.

The next day I was so annoyed that I had no car I thought I’ll have a crack at fixing myself. I jumped under it and one side was still connected so I watch a crapload of quick fixes but they all failed.

I popped the other side off to look at how I could keep it on the nob thingy. Epic fail so as I was about to give up I thought I better put it back on so somehow; I connected it the other way around. I realised this after lining up the other eve but sure enough it clipped on tight. The next Friday the parts arrived and I never bothered to change it over but keep parts in car I case.

So this was over 2 years ago and using the same original part. Lol

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