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Hi all!

I've b een hearing a tinny rattling noise from the engine bay for a while now, mostly when accelerating or revving the engine, after getting the car on a ramp and having a listen, then a lot of googling I think I found the problem...

I think it could be that the pipes inside the exhaust manifold are loose which is causing the noise. It seems it is possible to remove the manifold, put some spot welds on and problem solved..

Just wondered, has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it?

I have access to someone with a welder but i'm not sure of how tricky it would be to remove the manifold and then get it back on again?

For info: its a 307 2.0 XS petrol estate, 2004 year.

Any suggestions would be great as the noise, although not loud is driving me up the wall! :)

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