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Hello All,

Thought I'd try here for some much needed advice. Seemed like a good place to start!

I recently put an elderly and mileage worn 306 into my local Peugeot garage for an MOT and service. Because of the mileage and intermittent services (due to other major repairs meaning lack of cash) I decided, in discussion with the service manager, that a major service might be a good idea as it would effectively be a decent overhaul of all the engine 'consumables'. Little did I know it'd fail it's MOT too, costing in the end £700.

A week or so later it started to run rough and then began to loose power and finally overheats during any journey > 10 miles.

Took it back to the same garage and their unfortunate diagnosis was that the head gasket had gone (again). As you can imagine, this is serious money again although comparable to when I had it done before at an 'independent'.

My problem now is the car is effectively a right off as it isn't really cost effective to repair and meaning also it isn't worth anything.

I was thinking of changing the car anyway (part exchange value quoted as £600-£900) but decided spending the £700 would at least get it through another year.

Now of course, I am right in it. I'm £700 down from the repairs (which are now useless) and have a car that effectively has no part exchange value. Put the 2 together and I feel I've wasted a possible £1600.

My question is, and the point of this post, should the fact the gasket was going been spotted at the major service? If it had of been, I would have said no to the work and part exchanged it straight away, having a budget £1600 higher. I've asked the question to several people with mixed replies - some say yes it should have been spotted and I should have been told, others say it could have gone at any time and the garage would never have known.

So just thought I'd try to gauge some feeling on here....??

Many thank in advance.
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